May 28, 2014

inspiration in the form of a Treat greeting card // by Shutterfly

Last month we received an email from Treat introducing us to their newest designs. (Treat is part of the Shutterfly family of brands, which specializes in designing personalized greeting cards, thank you cards, and custom stationery.) As we perused the different designs of greeting cards, we were inspired to recreate a greeting card on one of our Barnwood Built signs! We worked with Treat on different design ideas, and we eventually decided on using a Father's Day greeting card for our sign inspiration.

This is the card we ultimately decided on.

We absolutely love this card! Since Matt and I both love American inspired work, we knew this card would be the perfect design to inspire one of our signs. It also has such a sweet message.

This design was exciting for Matt to do because he was able to use color, where he typically only uses white paint on his signs. The typography is also quite different than the "Century Gothic" he uses. When he completed the colored sign, we both agreed that he should do ANOTHER sign, but in our traditional white paint and wood.

I'm constantly blown away by Matt's skill and the attention he pays to detail. Something I love so much about Matt is that he puts 100% into everything he does in life, our sign business included. The passion he has for the quality of his work is clearly seen through his signs. Here are his beautiful creations.
 This sign is our rendition of the Treat greeting card.
 This sign is using the Treat design, but with our traditional white paint.

Matt had a lot of fun creating these signs with the inspiration of the Treat greeting card. We are so grateful we were able to work with Treat on creating these amazing pieces!

Now the hard part... to sell these signs, or not to sell... :)

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  1. Ah-mazing! Seriously love this sign you guys!

  2. These are gorgeous! Great job and maybe give them as gifts?
    Though I would totally buy one if you did sell them haha



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