April 28, 2014

montana easter

We spent our Easter weekend with Matt's family in Montana. We got to meet our newest nephew, and he is just the sweetest! New babies sure don't make it easy for me to hold off having kids for more schooling... ugh! But I did get a good baby fix for a few days :). As always, it was a great little getaway and so nice to be with family.

^^That beard was a fan-favorite in Montana, let me tell you. It's definitely a favorite of mine, too ;)
 ^^This cat followed us everywhere and photobombed almost all our pictures.
^^My sister-in-law had the brilliant idea of having a little picnic while the guys when fishing. It was lovely.

And if by some chance this little video slipped past your radar over Easter, take a look. It's incredible.

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  1. Before I even read the whole post I was going to say Posty photo bombed that first picture. Which is just an amazing picture by the way! It was great to have you guys here for a few days :)


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