April 7, 2014

general conference

Oh how I love General Conference weekend. I always feel so refreshed with a renewed desire to just be better. I'm able to set new goals for myself with the loving guidance and direction of my church leaders.

This weekend we went to Utah to spend conference weekend with my family. My cousins got Matt and I amazing conference tickets for the Saturday morning session. It was so powerful to sit so close to the Prophet, Apostles, and other church leaders. Thank you Michael and Annie!
I've never been to Temple Square in the Spring! It is now my favorite time of the year to go!
I would just like to note that Elder Holland's name was on our tickets :)
Cute cousin with a cute little belly!

Here are a couple of my favorite messages from conference. It was fun (and a nice way to stay awake...) to make these little quotes on the A Beautiful Mess app!
^From General Women's Meeting.

(They upload all grey-like on here, dang it!)

I was filled with an overall feeling of needing to be more patient in life and being happy and grateful in where I am now. I've always struggled with that--living in the now. I plan plan plan my life, and I don't fully appreciate all the blessings and opportunities that are presented to me currently. In all reality, the peripheral junk I consume myself with thinking about just does not matter. Stuff doesn't matter. Family matters. Relationships with others matter. Service matters. And most of all, Heavenly Father and Christ matter.

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