March 5, 2014

life lately

On our day off a few weeks ago we went on a little walk in Idaho Falls
Sushi on Valentine's Day / The Harlem Globetrotters came to Rexburg! The show was so cheesy and fun / We auctioned off this Montana sign on Facebook (search "Barnwood Built" ;) / I've been baking more since I got a KitchenAid, which is wonderful and a detriment to my attempt at eating healthy (I don't really follow "clean eating" rules when baking...)
I love lemon cookies, and I love this Girl Scout time of year / Matt working on a sign / You know how much I love banana bread... I found a new recipe for banana blueberry bread, and it is soooo good / Of course the one time I get my butt up and go for a run, I get caught in a nice little hail storm

Well, this is our life in a nutshell lately. Oh, and if any of you Utah dwellers know of good housing in Provo area, let me know! Out of everything grad school related, finding housing is my biggest stress. So... help a friend out :)

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  1. ooo i love all your baking pictures. kitchenaids make baking so much easier.

  2. Cambridge Court is nice and close....We live in Wymount. It's old but its on campus and the wards are SOOO great!

    1. oh and wymount is a month to month contract so it can be temporary and you never have to worry about selling a contract!

  3. My aunt rents her basement in Orem for cheap (and no additional charge for utilities). My sister and her family lived there and loved the ward, too!


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