February 14, 2014

as of late

It's been awhile since I've written an update about our lives! Honestly the past month has just been pretty... normal! After graduation, we spent a few weeks in Montana with Matt's family for Christmas and New Years. That was sort of our break before real life set in! We started our big kid jobs right after New Years. 

Matt is working at a local PR/Marketing firm called The Dealio here in Rexburg (I think I've said that before, but perhaps I haven't, haha). He LOVES it! How often can you really say that you love going to work? Well Matt can! I like having a happy husband when it comes to his work :) We're grateful that The Dealio is growing steadily into other local areas and in Utah!

I'm working at a school district in Saint Anthony as a Speech/Language Paraprofessional and I'm also case managing medicaid. You know, as boring as that may sound, I love it! I'm a bit OCD and I love tedious projects, so working with something like medicaid is perfect for me, haha. Being a Para is still very intimidating for me, but I love working with the kids. I'm glad that I've been exposed to a field that I can gain a new experience from.

We thought that being done with school would mean lots of relaxation time, but that has not been the case! I can't even tell you what we do after work, but somehow we're always busy in the evenings! I think it's a mixture of our Church responsibilities, working out, friends, and dinner. This year is already flying so fast. It's fun though just living life with my Matt. Rexburg has become our home since being done with school.

But wait....


I was ACCEPTED to the Master's program at BYU for Social Work!!!! Can you believe it?! I sure can't. I'm so excited/happy/flattered/terrified/intimidated/determined/grateful. I will write another post about my thoughts on this new endeavor, but for now...

...here is my happy/scared face.

Well this is our life in a nutshell right now--always evolving!

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day ;)

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