January 3, 2014

new year's resolutions


I always love the start of a new year. I know I can start goals throughout the year--and I do--but the beginning of a new year seems so much easier to start new things. 2013 flew by! Graduating at the end of the year has really put a lot of things in perspective for me. We're in the real world now. There's no more college safety net, which is scary but exciting at the same time.

2014 is still a bit of a mystery for us. We have steady jobs as of now, but new opportunities could still arise! Matt still has the possibility of getting a job somewhere else, and I'm applying to grad school for this coming fall. Who knows where we will be! This leads me into some personal goals that I have...

- This year I need to work on being happy with where I am in life. I'm a planner. I've had my life planned out since I was a little girl, and what is scary is that most of it has happened... on schedule. With our future being somewhat of a mystery right now, my mind has been a bit of a frenzy. I get really anxious not being able to plan our next year or even next few months. My goal this year is to focus on what is happening now and making the best of the present. I don't want to live through my future goals and miss all the good moments that are happening right in front of me. This will take a lot of patience for me (which is something else I need to work on...), but I know that for my sanity and happiness, I need to slow down and just take life in as it comes.

- Part of being happy with where I am is being happy with where others are, too. I need to be happy with others' successes instead of envying them and getting jealous. The particular area for me I struggle in is having a baby. I want to be a mother more than anything.... ANYthing. The thought of being a mother consumes me. When I see other's starting their families and having kids, I get so jealous. What I forget to recognize, though, is that it's not our time yet. It's again me living in the future and not living presently. I need to be happy for these sweet couples having babies. Starting a family is so wonderful! I will get there someday, and someday soon hopefully. Right now I want to work on fully enjoying my time with my husband, because I cherish my time with him so much. (I still not-so-secretly have a resolution to get pregnant this year though... haha ;)

- I'm going to look for the good in all people and situations, period.

- I have a goal to get in shape. I know, I know, so very cliche. I have gained about 12 pounds since being married. I told myself this would never happen because I always wanted to look good for my husband! Well... comfortability set in and so did 12 pounds. My goal is to get to my pre-marriage weight (and maybe even more!) by June. I'm going to get in shape by doing Insanity, yoga, and/or running everyday. I don't really believe in diets, but I believe in eating healthy. We're going to lessen the amount of times we go out to eat, and I will never eat fast food. I'm going to cut down on my Dr. Pepper (I'd like to think that I can cut it completely out). The only candy I will eat is chocolate, because there is no point in eating the other candy but every point in eating chocolate.

- I need to find a hobby, bad. Watching Law and Order SVU cannot be my hobby forever. I'm going to craft more and cook more and explore more. I would also like to start getting into reading (book suggestions, anyone?). I just want to do something that will stretch my mind more than figuring out the perpetrator on a TV show.

- I'm going to improve my spirituality. We're going to read scriptures as a couple, and I would like to start doing personal study. I need to pray personally more often, too. The quote that is motivating me is if I'm not progressing, then I am digressing. I never want to digress in my relationship with my Heavenly Father. That should be the most important relationship I am working on! I'm going to make spirituality a priority to the point where I would never think about skipping a day of praying or reading the scriptures.

- This goal is out of my hands, but I hope to get accepted to grad school (the BYU Master's in Social Work program). I should know by springtime :)

Props to you if you made it through reading this, haha. Basically this year (and forever, really) is going to be about bettering myself and improving my overall outlook on life. I'm so excited to see what 2014 has in store for us! 


  1. i think these are all really great goals. i definitely struggle with comparing myself to others, for me its stability. since i've been unemployed and out of work, I struggle with comparing myself to others that have been able to get jobs. it's easier said than done to stop, but hopefully i can improve this year. also, the weight gain of marriage is real. not sure how i let that happen either, but again i'm hoping to just worry about getting fit instead of losing the weight i want. ahh this year will be amazing, good luck with the grad school applications, i know it will all work out in the right way.

    1. You are always the sweetest. Thanks love :)


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