December 7, 2013


This year we spent Thanksgiving in Utah with all my family. My dad and his wife, as well as my mom and her boyfriend, all came out from Colorado. We were so excited to see everyone throughout the week! It was such a fun, relaxing week.
 I love these people, so much. I arguably have the best family :)
I also have the best dad, no argument.
City Creek is so pretty at Christmastime! 
I hadn't seen my mom in almost a year! It was so fun to spend time with her walking around Temple Square and shopping. We have so much fun together. I love you mama!
Ohh Temple Square.
 My uncles bought this beautiful lake house in Bear Lake. If my dream home could come into reality, it would be this house. OH MY GOODNESS, it's beautiful!
We went on a verrrryyy cold four-wheeling trip.
 We went on a trail less traveled, and, well, we got stuck. Several times. It was quite the adventure (and a lot of fun)!
 I was ill-prepared for the feet of snow we had to walk through to get back to the highway, haha.
I'm grateful that my aunt took this picture. I love my adventure partner.
I wouldn't want to get stuck on a mountain with anyone else but my awesome family. I'm seriously so grateful for family. It couldn't get better than this.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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