December 10, 2013

oh christmas tree

It's been a frozen tundra around these parts. I think last week was the coldest I've ever felt in Rexburg! The wind chill got into the -40s! The snow we've gotten has been beautiful though. I love winter, and I love Christmas time.
We finally bought a Christmas tree! Last year we sadly did not have one. We got this one for a STEEL! It was 60% off which made it $15. I'm obsessed, and it makes our apartment so homey!
 These are my favorite ornaments! We got that cute "just married" one on our honeymoon (we stayed in Sausalito!) // My old boss is so creative! She stripped our wedding invitation, curled the pieces, and put them in this bulb. BRILLIANT! I think that will be my standard wedding gift from now on // My sweet cousin Annie recently gave me those wellies--she knows me too well! // We also got that cable car on our honeymoon!

On another note, we graduate next Friday. I'm just wondering where the last 4 years of my life went?


  1. All of those ornaments are adorable and its so nice when they have a special meaning too! Would love for you to join my design in your home holiday link-up :)

    XO Samantha

  2. so crazy! i love that first picture, its beautiful!
    this year we splurged and got a real tree. i love it. we kept it simple and i love it.
    i love your ornaments.
    i think you guys should take another vacation and visit us in sf, revisit your honeymoon.
    do you have any idea where you guys will be going next?


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