December 22, 2013

life update + graduation pictures

WE GRADUATED ON FRIDAY! Matt graduated with his Bachelor's in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations, and I graduated with my Bachelor's in Social Work. It is still so surreal!! I'm not ready for life outside of college! Matt applied to several (60+) jobs and received a job offer in Southern California. We were considering it for awhile but then decided it wasn't the right fit for us. Matt currently works for a local PR/Marketing firm here in Rexburg, and he was offered a full-time position! I was also offered a full-time position at the school district I've been working/interning for as a Speech/Language Paraprofessional. So, we are staying in Rexburg for a little while longer! We feel really good about it. I've always ragged on Rexburg, but the thought of leaving really made me sad. I love it here. The small-town feel got the best of me. I am applying to BYU for a Master's in Social Work for next fall. If I get in, that throws a whole new wrench into our plans. (I'd appreciate any happy thoughts for my application, haha... BYU has rejected me 2 times already for my undergraduate degree, so I'm hoping the third time's the charm!) Crossing my fingers!

We took some pictures a couple days before graduation. I'm so happy that we were able to graduate together. How often does that happen?! I'd say perfect timing :)

 ^^^Just a liiiiittle bit excited, haha^^^

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