December 31, 2013

2013: a year in review

2013 has been a wonderful year! I cannot believe how fast it flew by! Here are some highlights of our year:

January: My cousin Val took wintry pictures of us! // Matt got a job on campus at University Relations as a PR writer.
February: So. much. snow. // We had a fun first married Valentine's Day!
March: I got hired on for two internships! I interned at juvenile probation in the spring and a school district in the fall.
April: We took a little trip to Jackson Hole! // I got bangs, which I will never, ever do again. // I got a second job as a writing tutor for the Social Work department.
May: Matt and I went exploring, and he took me to the Palisades.
June: I went to my first rodeo in Belt, MT (where Matt is from)! // I watched Matt fly fish for the first time. // There was another huge fire in Colorado where I'm from, which hit very close to home. // We went exploring at Mesa Falls. // Matt got a second job at a local marketing company called The Dealio.
July: We went to Lake Tahoe for my family's annual family reunion. // For the 4th of July, we met my dad and other family members in Pinedale, WY for a fun little trip.
August: As part of a two week program I was a part of, I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago for my first time! // I was a camp counselor over 36 boys from inner city Chicago, which was one of the best experiences of my life.
September: My dad and his wife came to visit us! // We had our LAST first day of our LAST semester of college! // Our one year anniversary! // Matt made be an beautiful coffee table for our anniversary. // We finally got around to going camping.
October: We went to Montana for a fun fall trip. // I got another job as a Speech/Language paraprofessional at the school district I was interning at!
November: I turned 23! // We spent Thanksgiving in Utah with all my family. // Matt got a job in Southern California, but we ended up turning it down for a job offer here in Rexburg!
December: Matt turned 26! // WE GRADUATED FROM BYU-IDAHO!

What a year! We can't wait for all the new adventures 2014 will bring us!


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