November 19, 2013

thankful november

First off, I have been so unmotivated to blog because my laptop screen is broken, and it only works if it's titled way down. I swear I'm going to get neck and back problems having to sit on the floor and look up at my screen. But, to keep the spirit of this post, I'm thankful to have a quasi-working laptop :)

I decided to participate in the thankful posts for this month. I need to be better at recognizing my blessings and not just in November. Doing this has helped me think about the less obvious blessings in my life, as well as the big ones. Here is some of what I have been thankful for:

 Naps in cozy hotel rooms // Being a member of the LDS Church // Mondays--the day I get to talk to my missionary brother (the one in the white in the back) // My thoughtful mom spoiling us on our birthdays (a month early!)
 Having food in our home // A healthy body // The brave men and women who serve our country // My knowledge of eternal families
Date days // Just being married to my sweet Matt // Reassuring talks about the unknowns of the future // His beautiful talent

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  1. beautiful. last year i wrote a gratitude journal, it really opened my eyes to the little things.



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