October 28, 2013

nature park

I can't even explain how beautiful the weather has been over the last few weeks! I could live in mid-60 degree weather year round! On Saturday we went to the local Nature Park. It was the perfect day to enjoy the fall colors.

^^^We had a hard time capturing that leaf picture.^^^

We love soaking up this Idaho goodness while we can (we should be out of here in less than two months, ahhh!).


  1. ahhh i love fall! gorgeous photos.
    and where do you think you guys will head next?
    i would say bay area, but its so expensive that its almost not fun haha.


  2. We really have no idea where we're ending up! Matt's been applying everywhere and has a few interviews coming up. The cost of the Bay Area is pretty daunting... I'm happy you guys are doing well out there though!


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