October 3, 2013

fall around here

I finally got around to putting up some fall decorations around our apartment! I love love love fall, but to be honest, I could skip all the Halloween decorations and go straight to Christmas, haha. But for the sake of being festive, I added some fall-ness in here.

 I bought these fake maple leaves at the local craft store and just clipped them to some twine with mini clothes pins! It's super simple, and I love it!
 I knitted another scarf, and I'm pretty obsessed with it. There's a chance I will make another one, too. I'm also obsessed with all the leaves changing colors! Campus is so pretty right now!
The wreath I made last year is now hanging on the door!

I hope everyone is having a happy fall so far!


  1. how adorable is that leave garland. you are a genius and i think i am going to try that scarf tutorial! i was just thinking about it. :)

  2. Umm that scarf is adorable! My fav color!

  3. we have the same leaf garland! simple and cute :) just how i like it!


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