October 19, 2013

columbus day massacre

I probably sound like a broken record when I talk about how much I love Montana. I love going home to Matt's house and seeing my in-laws. I couldn't have married into a better family! Last weekend we drove up for the "Columbus Day Massacre," so beautifully dubbed by Matt's family. Every year Matt, his dad, and his brothers catch between 50-100 salmon during the spawn. Unfortunately this year it was just a couple days early, and they didn't catch near as many as they have in the past (sore subject for the guys). That's okay though because we still have a decent supply of salmon from last year's massacre :)

^^^Matt was a little embarrassed having to take a picture in front of his state sign, but I've added taking a picture in front of every state sign together to my life bucket list! Montana, down.^^^
 ^^^My in-laws' yard is a DREAM during the fall! I loved all these beautiful yellow leaves.^^^
 ^^^I cooked dinner for the family (just trying to keep up with my sister-in-law Sherri ;). I hate onions and never cook with them, but everyone else loves them. So I want to let it be known that I cooked with onions. Ohhh the things I do to impress Matt's family, haha!^^^
 ^^^Baby Milo! I love him. And my niece Addy. And the new little baby growing in my sister-in-law's belly.^^^
^^^He's always working away!^^^

Well, there you go. I sadly didn't get any pictures of the guys fishing because, well, they got up at 5 to go, and I just didn't want to do that.


  1. i thought i was the only person on the planet who hated onions. i also never cook with them. ha.

  2. oh i just love the fall leaves. i make it a point to walk on them as i walk to class everyday. i absolutely love you blog! and your header...great minds think alike haha.

  3. aren't husbands so funny about taking pictures? goodness.
    ps. your adorable and your blog is adorable!


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