September 6, 2013

one year down

On September 1st, we celebrated our one year anniversary! I can't believe that it's been a year already! I have just had the best time of my life with Matt. I think of him as a gift--it's such a blessing that he was put in my life. He deserves the best, and he ended up with me, so I always try to be my best for him. Whenever someone brings him up, I can't help but get the biggest smile on my face. I love him so much, and I admit that I'm pretty obsessed with him, too :). Seriously, marriage is so easy when you're married to your best friend. We're not perfect, but we sure are perfect for each other. I love you Matt.

This year we've loved:
- living with our best friend
- not having to deal with roommates anymore
- coming home to someone who loves us
- having our own place
- date nights
- going on adventures around Idaho
- going grocery shopping together (at least I like this one, haha)
- having someone to go on family vacations with
- late night movie nights
- late night ice cream runs
- having someone to help us study
- having someone to distract us from studying
- pillow talk
- going on trips together
- visiting our in-laws
- always having someone by our side
- cooking together
- having someone to take care of us when we're sick
- talking about starting a family (this is mostly me complaining that I want to have a baby right now)
- planning our future together
- playing the game "if we won $150 million, what would we do with it"
- just being together all the time

Here are a few wedding memories!

Here's to many, many more amazing years together, love! 


  1. Beautiful!!!! I love the picture of him seeing you for the first time. So gorgeous :)

  2. Love it! Wendy's in your wedding clothes! That's brilliant!


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