September 11, 2013

never forget

Since I can remember, I have always loved America and been very interested in what's going on in our country. I remember September 11, 2001 so vividly. I was only in 5th grade, so I'm grateful that I do have memories of that day. I remember hearing the TV on while I was getting ready for school that day, and I knew something bad had happened. My dad was supposed to be coming home that day from a business trip, and I remember my mom being concerned if my dad was going to be able to get home. I didn't understand the impact of what happened until I got to school. When I got to my homeroom, my teacher, along with a couple other teachers, was crying. We watched the news all morning. I remember watching the towers fall and feeling my heart ache. I remember being very emotional--even at a young age, it hit me really hard. It was a very somber day. I can't remember if it was the same day or the next day, but we had a moment of silence around our flag pole, and I remember being very emotional during that as well--everyone was. My dad luckily flew into Denver before they shut down all the airports, so he was able to drive home to us. I remember my dad being very emotional. I watched the news with him regularly, but on September 11, I watched it more intently with him. I had a lot of deep conversations with my dad about the possibility of going to war. At 10 years old, I knew what happened was evil, and I knew that we needed to protect our country.

I hate what happened with every fiber of my being, but I'm grateful I remember September 11, 2001. My love for America was intensified and solidified that day. My heart still aches for those who lost loved ones in the attacks and who lost heroes protecting our country. I'm so grateful for the brave men and women fighting for our freedom, protection, and safety. I hope we never forget and diminish what happened 12 years ago as the years pass.

God bless America.

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