September 10, 2013

eastern idaho state fair

Last week Matt and I went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair! It was SO fun! I had never been to a state fair before, and man are they a whole different world. I was in heaven with all the animals (I'm sort of obsessed with having our own ranch later in life) and food! I love all the little craft kiosks and the carnival rides! I learned something about my dear husband--he does not like spinning rides. This was sad for me because I love the SPINNIEST rides! I did get him to go on the swings though, so I am proud of him :).

^^This was the BEST corn dog. So deep fried. So good.^^
^^On the swings! (Thank you for letting me talk you into it, love.) Also, I miss that beard.^^
^^I love these fun views!^^
^^We went to a hypnotist show, and it was HILARIOUS! I wanted to do it, but little did I know that you had to storm the stage to be a volunteer. I'm not aggressive enough, haha. I came into the show as a skeptic, but after watching people being "hypnotized" I'm a quasi-believer. I think some people are fakers. I want to do it someday to really see if it's real.^^


  1. you and matt are so cute and happy! and i just love carnivals!

  2. I will go on the spinny rides with you if Matt will get me some cotton candy. :)


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