September 16, 2013


This weekend we finally went camping! It was our last weekend before our (last, yay!) semester starts. We camped at a nice, secluded campsite in the Palisades. We stumbled upon it a few months ago while we were exploring, and we've wanted to go back ever since! We don't have sleeping bags or an air mattress, and we thought we could rough it by just sleeping with a bunch of blankets, but it was a pretty rough night's sleep. When we have more room to store stuff, we'll have to invest in some padding.
 ^^This guy is such a man, which is so hot.^^
^^I'm typically not a big fan of hotdogs, but there's something about a hotdog roasted over a campfire that makes it sooo good.^^
 ^^We got up early and went on a beautiful hike. We hiked in a couple of miles, and then Matt fished his way back.^^
^^You see those little red fish by the rock? It was my first time seeing salmon in the river! Matt was pretty stoked about it.^^
^^It was sure looking like fall in the mountains, which makes me so excited!!^^

We hope to be able to go camping again before it gets too cold! We need to soak up all this Idaho goodness while we can!


  1. Gosh I can't remember the last time I went camping. It's been a while. Your trip looks lovely. My husband and I are soon getting an RV and living in it full-time while traveling, so I hope to get in a lot of camping-like adventures such as this. :)


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