August 9, 2013

lake tahoe part II // valory jean photography

So by now you all probably know that any professional picture I have posted on my blog is taken by my cousin Val from Valory Jean Photography. She's amazing, seriously. She took some pictures of us one morning at the beach and one night at the park, and I. LOVE. THEM. As always, I am very spoiled to have a cousin who doubles as a great photographer. Thanks Val!


  1. so jealous tahoe is my favorite.
    but i have no pictures in tahoe.
    probably cause i only get to spend 48 hours in tahoe.
    i need more tahoe time in my life haha


  2. so pretty!! i especially love the firsts ones on the rocks with the lake in the background. how fun to have someone so close that can take nice pictures for you :)


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