July 9, 2013

pinedale, wy

For the Fourth of July weekend Matt and I went to Pinedale, WY! A few of my relatives and my dad came up to all hang out for a few days in a cabin my relatives own. It was so good to see my family, especially my dad! We had such a good time hanging out on the lake, hiking, fishing, and just being together. It was our first time going to Pinedale, and we absolutely loved it. I say we should make it a tradition to go to the cabin every Fourth of July :). Get ready for some picture overload!

The view from the cabin was beautiful!
Four wheeling to the lake!
Thanks for taking the above two pictures, Annie!
I love this girl. I'm so grateful I have her as a cousin and friend.
Zip line time! It was so scary... for me at least.
I love my dad's expressions in these pictures.
 My dad and uncle are basically twins.
This firework show was the most fun and dangerous show I've ever seen. The fireworks were being lit right in front of us. Sparks from the fireworks were falling down all around us. It was hilarious to hear everyone else laughing and screaming. We had such a good time freaking out.
 The cousins all went on a hike that overlooked Fremont Lake. It was such a beautiful view!
 Later on the 5th, we went fishing in a pretty pond area. My dad had the first catch of the night.
 I caught my first fish on my own! I hadn't fished myself since I was a kid.
I loved hanging out with this handsome dad of mine.
The fish everyone caught for the night!
 We loved canoeing. It was so peaceful on the lake.
 Love that canoeing partner of mine.
 The afternoon of our last full day we went on a beautiful hike to Half Moon Lake to go fishing.
Right as we got to the second spot we were going to fish at, it started pouring rain. It was a crazy rain storm! We took shelter under some trees for awhile. Luckily my dad brought some extra ponchos (I know, we're wusses). It sure made for a fun adventure.
 I love this picture, so much.
 As we were hiking back after the storm, we saw a beautiful rainbow. It made being rained out totally worth it.
Until next time, Wyoming.


  1. Holy cow, that swing looks AMAZING. Looks like you had one heck of a weekend, outdoorsy and all!!

  2. So many memories in that cabin!!! Miss it soo much!


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