July 3, 2013

hello again montana.

This last weekend we went up to Montana again! As always, it was great to see Matt's family. The weather was beautiful (borderline way too hot), so we spent a lot of time outside. My mother-in-law has an immaculate garden, and I got to help her do some planting. I could seriously garden all day! It was so relaxing. Matt was able to do some fishing with his brother and dad, and he made more signs for our Etsy Shop! There will be new designs coming soon :). Here are some picture s from our weekend!

^^^I love these beautiful Italian lights around the porch.^^^
^^^It was so relaxing to lay out on the hammock.^^^
 ^^^We always eat so well in Montana.^^^


  1. goodness, now i want to go here.


  2. You two are just adorable! Glad y'all had fun!


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