June 12, 2013

pray for colorado

 There is another fire in my hometown. The Waldo Canyon Fire, which devastated a beautiful portion of the front range of Colorado Springs, was almost a year ago exactly. This fire is even closer to home. It is burning in Black Forest, a place I know all too well.

My house is where the pink star is.

I was talking to my dad earlier today, getting updates, and we said how it would never come close to reaching the house. Well, I got a call in the early afternoon saying that my dad was under mandatory evacuation. I lost it. I was at my internship, and a friend I work with just sat with me as I cried. I couldn't believe how out of control the fire got to put where I live in danger. I called friends and family to get updates and to see how close the fire really was. My mind was put at ease when I was told that it was more of a precautionary evacuation order. My dad packed a few important things, and they are ready to leave in the middle of the night if need be. But for now, they are safe

My dad said a fireman described the evacuations as this:
READY - Pre evacuations
SET - Voluntary evacuations
GO - Mandatory evacuations

My home is "set."

I can't imagine what the families who have lost homes are going through. My heart aches for the people affected by this horrible fire. Black Forest is such a beautiful area, and it is so devastating to see an area I grew up knowing up in flames. My church building is in the thick of the forest. Many people I have gone to church with live in Black Forest. It's horrible to see friends and family go through such tragedy.

It really does put life into perspective when something like this happens. Family is what is important. Keeping your family safe is priority. What we have in our homes is really just stuff when it comes down to it. Everything can be replaced, but your family cannot. Put your trust in the Lord and everything will be okay.

This is what matters. The left picture is the line of people waiting to donate at Care and Share. The city said they were in need of Gatorade for the firefighters, and they sure got Gatorade. I love how communities come together.
A lady I know posted this. It makes me tear up seeing the kids cheer on firefighters. What an amazing sight it would be to see these helicopters getting water from local canals. 

I can't believe what's happening in my beautiful state. It's important to be thankful in times like this. It's a blessing that there are no reported deaths. It's a blessing that there is an amazing crew working tirelessly to contain these fires. It's a blessing to be with your family. 

We are sending lots of prayers to the firefighters and the families who are affected by this fire and the other fires burning in Colorado.


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