June 4, 2013

a weekend in montana

This past weekend, we went to Montana to see Matt's family and to go to a wedding! It's always so nice to get away and to get out of Rexburg for a few days.
Wedding by day, rodeo by night.

After the wedding, we went to a rodeo in Matt's hometown. It was my first rodeo, and I loved it! Matt grew up going to rodeos. Here's a fun fact: My father-in-law used to be a bull rider and a dang good one, too! Bull riding is so intense, especially watching it live! I told Matt that our children will NEVER be involved in bull riding. I'm afraid this heart of mine just could not handle it. We sure did see some cute little cowboys running around though, and I am totally okay with raising little cowboys of my own :)
I consider my husband to be model status.
I love this picture of our niece Addy and Matt. She sure does love him, and he loves her right back.

I love Montana, and I love my in-laws. I am one lucky girl to have married into such a wonderful family.
Until next time, Montana!

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