May 25, 2013


Yesterday I had the fun opportunity to meet Brandi from Run Style Run! I recently bought some cute J. Crew shorts from her Instagram shop @stylish_treasures. She's the queen of thrifting, and I have long admired her style and the steals she is able to find. I noticed that one of the thrift stores she frequents is about 30 minutes away from me! I commented on one of her Instagram pictures and said that I would love to meet up so she could teach me her thrifting ways. I was so happy when she said yes!

CAUTION: I am not a fashion blogger...
 ...nor will I ever, ever attempt to be one, haha. After shopping, we took some photos downtown. I'm a bit camera shy when it comes to this stuff, but Brandi encouraged me to take some outfit pictures.

Shirt: J. Crew / Pants: H&M / Belt: Target / Shoes: Sperrys / Glasses: Ray Ban / Bag: Brandi's / Jacket: Brandi's

Brandi is so sweet and so fun. I love meeting new people and being able to connect with them. I'm grateful I made a new friend! Go check her out at Run Style Run, @runstylerun, and @stylish_treasures.

Thanks Brandi!


  1. Your blog is a visual feast for the eyes. Am absolutely in awe of your talent.
    I wish I could be as elegant as you :)
    What I adore the most about your blog is your sincerity and authenticity! Keept going darling!


  2. i am a big fan of your outfit :) super cute, and i think you nailed it in the fashion department haha.

  3. That is so awesome that you two were able to meet up and go thrifting together! I need a thrift buddy, because I'm terrible at it. This outfit (and these pictures) are adorable. You should definitely do more outfit posts!

  4. New follower from the blog hop!


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