May 18, 2013


I have to admit, I have a bad attitude about living in Idaho. I have since the first day I stepped on the BYU-Idaho campus in 2009. I've had my bouts of appreciation, but my negativity overshadows those moments. I have heard that Rexburg is not a fair representation of what Idaho really has to offer--I'm starting to believe that.

Matt is an adventurer and really appreciates what every place has to offer, including Idaho. I love the outdoors, especially the mountains. (I was spoiled to have grown up across the freeway from the mountains in Colorado.) Since being married to Matt, he has showed me beautiful parts of Idaho that are breathtaking. Today we went on a drive to Swan Valley, Idaho to see the Palisades. Oh. My. Goodness. It was beautiful! Everything was so lush and green, and the mountains were amazing. I admittedly fell in love with Idaho. I love the little towns we drove through. I love the country living. I love the open space. I really gained a new appreciation for Idaho today. I regret the time I have wasted on hating Idaho. I'm grateful that Matt takes me on simple, beautiful adventures.

And you are right, Idahoans, Rexburg is not a fair representation of Idaho.


  1. Have you ever been to North Idaho? It's beautiful up there! I was raised in the Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls area and I go back every year to visit my family. I sure miss it sometimes. I've only been to southern Idaho once and it was when I was very young and I think we went to Boise.

  2. I think you are crazy! I LOVE Rexburg and also think it is beautiful... I've been places along the river that are just gorgeous especially with the views of the Teton's in the background. When we were first married all we used to do on Sundays was take drives... It is beautiful country.
    Swan Valley is also beautiful! Did Matt take you to the waterfalls there? They are amazing and completely unique! If he didn't, you MUST go back this summer at some point. Its a little hidden gem that a lot of people don't know about.
    I'm glad that you are coming around to Idaho. I think every place has its own beauty. You just need to get off the highway and explore. The first time my plane touched down in the west I was SOOO disappointed... Everything looked ugly to me compared to NY. But now I love it :)


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