April 1, 2013

easter weekend

We went up to Montana to spend Easter with Matt's family. I always love going to Montana--it's always hard to leave come Sunday night. Matt comes from a very small town, and every Easter weekend, the town comes together for a big basketball tournament. Matt is related the whole town it feels likes, so it was just a huge family reunion. He has the greatest family. I love hanging out with everyone!

 I love sleeping in with this guy // The basketball tournament // Hanging out at the Pub with cousins
We colored what felt like 60 eggs with the family // Love this guy // Monster egg

I love Easter. I love reflecting upon the love my Savior has for me, and because of His Atoning sacrifice, I am able to return to my Father in Heaven. That knowledge brings so much peace into my life.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


  1. It was so fun having you guys here! And I think it was like 100 eggs... I alone contributed 36 to the bunch... :)

  2. YOU are so unbelievably cute!

    I'm so excited to follow you, now! (:
    Glad you had a wonderful Easter.



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