March 1, 2013

fun facts

Here are 22 facts about me and 25 facts about Matt (because he is an old man).
He... (as seen through her eyes)
// is cleaner than her
// makes a mean bowl of pasta
// can build a house, as much as he denies it
// could eat ramen, pasta, and sandwiches everyday, but she won't let him
// is the biggest movie buff--ask him anything about any movie, he'll know it
// loves music and knows more about music and music genres than she could ever hope to
// plays the guitar beautifully and looks super hot while doing it
// writes music, but most people don't know that
// has a flip phone and wants to keep it that way
// is a sports genius
// has a really good vocabulary... something she really envies
// makes the best salmon. Seriously, the BEST
// is a fly fisherman and dreams about being on the river
// knows every state nickname
// makes the bed way better than her
// doesn't like scary movies
// wants his shirts to be evenly spaced in the closet, but it is impossible because of her clothes
// would love to work for a sports team or a record label
// wants an outside dog
// grows a sexy beard
// is the best to cuddle with
// loves America
// has learned to give the best massages
// graciously watches E!, Law & Order SVU, and The Bachelor/ette with her, even though he would rather not
// is the perfect husband

She... (as seen through his eyes)
looks great in sweats, though she doesn't think so //
has a beautiful voice in which she never uses //
is the most patriotic person //
cries at the sight of puppies //
would like a baby... tomorrow //
is aggressive //
is a decision maker //
is a tad bit impatient, but he loves her //
doesn't like winter driving conditions, in fact, she's terrified of them //
has a secret crush on David Beckham //
loves her family //
is overprotective //
is very tech savvy //
cooks incredibly good-tasting meals! (Thanks Pinterest!) //
loves watching TV, namely the E! network and The Bachelor //
is obsessed with sushi //
loves date nights //
doesn't like attention, but deserves it most of the time //
puts up with his constant and sporadic movie cravings //
misses him when he's gone //
is the best wife and the love of his life //
will be the best mother //

Happy 6 beautiful months, love.


  1. What a cute post. I also hate having all attention on me. I would rather hide in a hole.

  2. Love your post! Loved reading each of y'alls lists!


  3. Such a cute post!

    And I agree -- I love nothing more than when my husband plays guitar! :)

  4. This is a cute idea for a post!! New follower from the blog hop - stop by my blog - hope you'll follow :)

  5. love how you both brag about how perfect you are, haha.

    1. I do love bragging about how perfect my husband is, thank you :)


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