February 12, 2013

what i love... part III

I love the way Matt serves and loves others.

Matt is the most caring, kind, genuine person that I have ever met. When you interact with him, you can just feel so much goodness. He truly cares about others and wants to give them the respect that they deserve. He is so eager to help those around him. If there is a colleague, friend, or someone from church in need, he will always offer his services and help in any way he can. I love how he loves and cares for his family. That is something I was very attracted to when I met him. He is always making sure his parents and siblings are doing okay. I love watching him interact with others, because you can just tell he truly cares about what they are saying. Matt is well versed in knowledge about history, music, movies, and different states, and that knowledge really connects him to people in both casual and professional conversations. I believe one of the reasons he does so well in his degree (Public Relations) is because he loves interacting with those around him.

Matt is an amazing example to me to get out of my shell and serve those around me. He truly is my better half, and I'm grateful I married such a loving and caring man.

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  1. These are such sweet posts!! I love your blog...so cute!


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