February 11, 2013

what i love... part II

I love Matt's work ethic.

Matt is the hardest worker that I know. He works hard in every aspect of his life. He will work any job to make sure we are taken care of. When he didn't have a job last semester, we decided to open up an Etsy shop where he could sell his beautiful signs. He sits at our kitchen table for hours etching and painting every letter on every sign--he makes sure every sign is perfect and what the customer wants. This semester he has a job and is still making signs. I love knowing that my husband will always do anything to provide for our family--that is one of the most comforting feelings. He also is an amazing student. I've never seen someone who is so dedicated to their education. School is like another job for him, and he does his best on everything.

Best of all, I'm grateful for how he works at being the best husband. He never stops trying to make me happy and doing little things to surprise me. I'm comforted knowing that we will never get complacent in our marriage. I'm grateful for the example Matt is to me to work hard in everything I do.


  1. New follower from the blog hop :)
    xoxo - kylie


  2. Hey! Found you via the GFC Blog Hop! Love your story and your blog.

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  3. well shoot. you two are cute. (how lame is it to point out that that rhymes?)also, the chambray looks niiice.

  4. How sweet is this. You two are adorable.


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