February 25, 2013

elder dahlin

My not-so-baby brother is serving a mission for our Church in the Cali, Colombia mission. He has almost been out for 8 months! I cannot believe how fast time is flying. The day we dropped him off at the MTC was one of the hardest and proudest days of my life. Jason worked so hard to get on a mission, and I never gave up hope that he would end up serving. I cried for about a week straight when he first left, and I thought it would never get easier. I still miss him so much, but it does get easier--so much easier. It becomes easier knowing he is doing exactly what he should be doing. I know that my little brother is serving the Lord and is such a bright spot in people's lives in Colombia. The people he comes in contact with are so blessed to have him in their lives. I know Jason has grown immensely, and the people he meets are changing his life, too. I find comfort in knowing that Jason is so solid and passionate in what he is doing. He has grown into such an amazing young man. I wish I could be down there to see him in action, serving those around him. I couldn't be more proud of him.

He sent us some pictures today! He was made District Leader in this transfer and will be training his new companion. I'm excited to see him grow in this new opportunity.
I love that kid. It's so good to see his smiling face! I'm grateful for his example to me, and I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father that looks out for His children.

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