December 30, 2012

i'll be home for christmas

Matt and I were able to spend Christmas in Colorado with my family. It was our first Christmas being married! We had the best week. My dad and his wife took great care of us. I always love going home--it's so relaxing. Going home is even better now that I have Matt with me.

 We were welcomed home with a delicious sushi lunch // Lots of apple cider // White Christmas! // Santa is really efficient in our house // We got a little spoiled with an iPad // Skyped with my little brother who is on a mission in Colombia!

The highlight of our trip was being able to Skype with my baby brother, Jason. He has been on his mission for about 6 months now. Goodness it was so good to see his face! The whole experience of talking with him was very sweet. I'm so impressed with who he is becoming. There is such a strong spirit about Jason now that I have never seen before, which is so inspiring to me. He's learning Spanish, and I am amazed that in 6 short months, he has a hint of an accent! He said, "I'm forgetting English, and I don't know Spanish! I have no language!!" Too funny. I'm eager to hear what he sounds like in 6 more months when we get to talk to him again.

To end our wonderful trip, we had flight issues. We were supposed to fly out of Denver Friday night to Idaho Falls. The flight was cancelled because of mechanical problems. We immediately called my dad (he travels a lot, so he knows how to work the system) to see if he could book us for the next flight. We got very lucky--we got some of the last seats on the last flight leaving on Saturday. United booked us a hotel in Denver which was very nice. The most frustrating part was trying to retrieve our bags. We wanted them so we could at least change our clothes, but no. So many flights were cancelled that baggage services were terribly backed up. We put in a request to get our bags, but that never came through. We ended up just doing laundry at the hotel, and stayed in the same clothes. Everything ended up well, and now we're home safe. I wouldn't have wanted to spend a crazy 24 hours with anyone but my hubs :)

I'm a little bit biased, but I think Colorado is the most beautiful place. It's so hard to leave here.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


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  2. Sounds like your brother is doing some awesome work over there, that is definitely inspiring and SO cool that you got to hear his voice! Yay!!


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