December 3, 2012

christmas around here

Christmas is my (and Matt's)  favorite time of year. It's just such a happy time! I love driving around town and seeing Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music. Everyone is just so loving during this time.
This year is our first Christmas being married! We put Christmas decorations up on November 1st--we have our own place now, so we make the rules :). We don't have a Christmas tree this year, so I decided to make up for it by making a wreath.
I made that stinkin' bow. It's much harder than it looks, at least it was for me

Well, this is the last full week before finals, and then we're flying home to Colorado in a couple weeks for Christmas! I can't wait! 


  1. I found you through GFC link party. You have such a sweet and warm blog! I just kept catching myself reading post after post.

  2. The bow is super cute :) good luck with finals!!

  3. I found your blog through The Winthrop Chronicles party. Your wreath is just beautiful. I'm excited to follow your blog. Megan

  4. Yay for first Christmas!:)
    You've done a great job decorating. Love the wreath!

  5. I have so enjoyed reading your blog! I want you to know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award and you can learn more by going here

  6. You have a wonderful blog!! I'm your newest follower from the “Aloha Affair” blog hop - this is my blog if you wanted to follow back:

  7. I love that you put your decorations up Nov. 1st, girl after my own heart! And I love that bow. I made my first one ever for the top of our tree and I can attest that it isn't easy. Yours is much cuter!

  8. my goodness it's all so beautiful.

    Thank you so very much for joining us for An Aloha Affair last week. How sweet it was to end the month together.

    Our beautiful December team has gathered and we are so excited to invite you to join us for... An Aloha Affair. Come mingle and grow with us, you are always welcome. Always.


  9. Just found your blog through Sweet Pea Sylvie's blog hop, i'm a new follower :)
    Where are you going in CO? I live here, it's pretty awesome :)

  10. You are adorable! Have you checked out my blog yet? If not, maybe when you get a chance... you might wanna follow me. ;-)


  11. love the wreath! and megan, that bow looks difficult ..i'm impressed :) the first christmas together is so fun - we're onto our second now :) - glad i found you from the friends to followers hop and excited to be your newest follower (stalker might be a slightly more accurate word :)


    p.s. i'd love for you to drop by and say hi when you get a chance!

  12. New follower from Dawn's Disaster hop. Hope you will hop over and follow back!
    Glad to meet you!

    Julie @ Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk

  13. Love the wreath! So pretty!

    I found your blog through the blog hop and I'm your newest follower.

    Check out my blog and follow back!


  14. What beautiful decorations and photos!
    I'm your newest follower, if you have time, we'd love to have you come and link up to the Aloha Friday Blog Hop if you haven't already!


    Jean {What Jean Likes}


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