October 1, 2012

families can be together forever

This weekend my dad was sealed to his wife. In our Church, we believe that family is central to our Creator's plan and that families can be together forever. We believe that the bond of marriage does not end after this life, in other words "until death do us part." We believe that through sacred ordinances preformed in the temple, marriage between man and wife is for "time and all eternity." It truly is the most amazing feeling knowing that my husband and I will be together forever. I have now witnessed two marriages in the temple other than my own--my beautiful cousin Annie and her husband and now my dad and his wife. They are the most beautiful, spiritual ceremonies. My dad and his wife both deserve each other. It has been so wonderful to see their relationship grow and blossom into such a strong bond. My dad getting married has been a growing experience for me in that I am now not his number one girl! At times it has been difficult, but now that I am married, I can understand the bond between husband and wife much better. Your spouse is the most important person in your life, just under our Heavenly Father. Being able to witness him and his wife get sealed was such a reassuring and comforting feeling for me--I know my daddy will always be taken care of.

 The Dahlins.
My sweet daddy.
The original Ken and Barbie. I couldn't have asked for more amazing grandparents to look up to.
I love this handsome guy.
 After the ceremony, we went to the park for a little picnic.
He's not so much a fan of solo pictures, but how can you not love that face?!

This was such a great weekend. I love my forever family so much.

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