September 26, 2012

milk thief

Matt and I prefer different milk--I like skim milk, and he likes 2%. Matt's family grew up drinking at least 10 gallons of milk a week. One gallon can last me two weeks. Since we have been trying to save money, we buy one gallon of each of our favorite milks. That is hardly sufficient for my milk-loving husband.

Matt confessed something to me the other day at dinner. He uses my milk for his cereal so he can preserve his milk for drinking. What a sneak! I got a good laugh out of that.

And this week... we have two gallons of each of our milks :)

I love that milk-lover guy.


  1. Bahaha. We used to go through milk so fast. We ended up buying it at costco. But, I converted Dan to Skim milk! LOL! :)

  2. I think I drink at least 15 times more milk than Annie does haha, but at least we settled on the same type! too funny. : )

  3. That's funny! Talon and I had the same problem with not drinking the same kind... We eventually met in the middle with 1%... neither of us extremely happy but it works! Stop stealing your wife's milk matt!


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