September 18, 2012

home on the range

This weekend we went up to Montana for our second reception! It was so much fun. My mother-in-law (I love saying that!) seriously outdid herself--it was absolutely beautiful. My dad and his wife Jill came up to celebrate too! I'm pretty sure my dad wants to live in Montana now. It's so fun to have our families together; everyone has so much fun together. Before the reception, we went shooting out in a field across from Matt's house.

 Matt's home is beautiful.
 Cute Addison and baby Milo!
  My dad was so concerned every time I shot. He would tell me "now tuck it in tight," "hold it tight," "line it up." He's so sweet.
Our dads.
 Talon and his holster.
Oh I love him so much!


  1. I love the pics of your dads side by side. Looks beautiful there. :)

  2. ooo that was fun! Whelp for the 15 minutes the kiddos and I were there ;) maybe next time I'll get a chance to shoot!!! I think its funny everyone is saying how beautiful it is, well it is, but all I see is how brown it is. We need some rain!!!

  3. looks like a blast! haha! I would love to shoot a gun at some point in my life. xoxo linds {{}}


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