August 23, 2012

ten day forecast

Our wedding is in the ten day forecast! I can't believe how soon it is! This morning I checked the weather and the forecast said it was going to be scattered showers on September 1st. "Oh well," I thought. This is Colorado, and the weather changes very quickly here. Well, I just refreshed the weather page and the forecast is now mostly sunny! See... VERY quickly, haha! Rain or sun, that day will be the happiest day of my life because I will have just married the love of my life. I'm beyond excited! I'm just ready. I'm ready to hang out with Matt all day and just have fun with him. He's my favorite person to be around! I'm ready to not have to say goodbye for weeks at a time. I'm ready to come home to him everyday. I'm ready to be his wife. I cannot wait for all of our newlywed fun!

I pretty much feel like all the wedding planning is done. I've done all my little crafty things. We won't really know if we have everything set until everything is getting set up! I've honestly been ambivalent about this whole wedding planning thing. I want it to look nice for the guests, but in my mind, nothing could happen for anything to go "wrong." I want it to be so simple. My dad is actually more on top of the wedding planning than I am! I know that day will be the best. September 1st will be perfect.

Here is a crafty project I did.

Ta-da! I bought the pre-cut burlap flags at Hobby Lobby and stenciled the letters on. It was super easy, and I love them! I was going to hot glue the flags to the twine, but I decided on using the mini clothes pins instead.

9 days until I marry my best friend!


  1. Oh, we are getting a picture of you two with that!!! And let's have EVERYONE bring an umbrella to the temple JUST in case of rain. :)

  2. This was SO cute at the wedding!!


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