July 15, 2012

well... i had surgery

This weekend was an interesting... and painful... one. Let me tell you about it!

Thursday I went into work at 7 as usual and started doing my opening duties. About 30 minutes into work, I started getting a sharp pain in my left groin area. I thought it was just a random cramp and tried to fight it off. I sat on the floor with an ice pack, but the pain still didn't go away. I told my co-worker that I most likely would be leaving work because I was getting worried. I talked to my boss about leaving, and he gave me the go ahead to leave and said to take care of myself. Then I sat down and started crying because the pain was so bad. My boss told me that he was not going to let me drive myself to Urgent Care, so he took me (best boss ever). By this time I was writhing in pain. My hands went numb because I was taking such short breaths. We had to wait at Urgent Care for fifteen minutes for them to open. I was so mad. When they finally took me back, I was begging them for morphine or something to take the pain away. They kept asking me questions, so I basically said "Listen, I need something for my pain because I cannot answer any questions in the state I'm in." They gave me 3 doses of morphine at Urgent Care, and that didn't even touch the pain. They called the ambulance to take me to the hospital so they could check out what was causing the pain. I called my mom at work, and she was at Urgent Care in what seemed like 5 minutes from when I called (she works about 25 minutes away). At the hospital they gave me stronger pain meds which finally took the edge off the pain. They ran all sorts of tests on me and gave me an ultrasound. On the ultrasound, they found a large cyst that they thought was growing from my ovary. I lost it at this time. If anyone knows me, they know I want to be a mom more than anything, and anything that could be wrong with my reproductive system, I can't control my emotions. They released me from the hospital with some pain meds and scheduled me for and appointment with the OBGYN to determine what kind of cyst it was and where it was. Thus began a painful afternoon.

 Friday my dad and I went to the OBGYN. I got another ultrasound--it pretty much came back inconclusive. The doctor said I had a large cyst/mass that was either connected to my uterus, ovaries, bladder, or fallopian tube. This made the doctor nervous about just going into surgery because she didn't want to open me up and the cyst not be where she thought it was. So she ordered me a CT scan. For the CT scan, I had to drink the NASTIEST drink. It was miserable. I was in tears during the whole CT scan because I was just nervous about what was wrong with me. It was getting later in the afternoon, so the chances of me being able to get surgery was becoming slim. We just had to wait to see what the CT scan said. My dad called the doctor (it was dinner time now) and asked if she had gotten the results yet. Turns out the cyst was growing from my fallopian tube. The doctor said that I could get surgery on Monday. The thought of having to wait until Monday to stop the pain I was in killed me. My dad explained that I'm in excruciating pain and asked if there was any way I could go into surgery that night. The doctor pulled some strings and got the on-call doctor to take me to surgery. I was admitted to the hospital around 6. I was in so much pain again--it was as bad as the day before when I first went into the hospital. They gave me some pain meds and took me back to surgery around 8:30-9. My family was all there which was so nice, but all I could think about was Matt. It's kind of scary being brought back into the operating room without the one you want most by your side. I remember about 5 seconds of going into that room and then I was out. Next thing I knew, I was surrounded by nurses feeding me ice chips.

(The nasty cyst)

Fun story, yeah? Turns out that the cyst was a little bigger than baseball sized growing from my fallopian tube. The doctor said there shouldn't be any long-term ramifications from this, thank goodness. What a totally random thing to happen, but I'm just grateful it's over. Now I have 3 little incisions glued shut, and it feels like I got sucker punched in the stomach. I would take this pain over what I was feeling though.

I'm grateful for all the love and support I got from my family, and that they dropped everything to take care of me. I'm grateful that Matt was ready to drive to Colorado, but I wouldn't let him because I wanted him to finish up this semester strong. I feel very blessed.

(Sorry for any misspellings, I'm still drugged up :))


  1. Oh my goodness Megan!
    I am so sorry that happened! I'm so glad they figured it all out and the surgery went well.
    I love you! get some good rest! See you this weekend! <3

  2. Megan!!! I'm so glad you're ok and they figured out what was wrong!! Love you and get better!!! Xoxoxo

  3. Glad you are well and that it wasn't more serious! That must have been super scary!!! Recover quickly!!!


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