June 6, 2012

to the lovely bridesmaids

Hello again blog!

It's been a long time since I've blogged. It really hasn't seemed that long though which is GREAT, because that means time is going by fast, and time going by fast means that I GET TO MARRY MY BEST FRIEND FASTER!

Anyway, I've just been working working working at a country club as a lifeguard. The wedding planning hasn't been stressful at all. Perhaps it should be more stressful so I can get more done. But hey, I have the guy, the dress, and the date (September 1st!), what else do I need? :)

A couple of weeks ago I decided to be crafty. I made bridesmaid invitations to send to my bridesmaids to let them know I would be honored to have them as a bridesmaid. My wedding color is a pale pink/rose/powder pink kind of color. In the invitations I put in a few color swatches so the girls can match any dress that they choose to the color swatch.

 Bride.. that's me :)

I love these girls, and I cannot wait to have them be a part of our special day.

87 DAYS!


  1. annie showed me and i loved this idea. so cute!!!

  2. That is pretty cool. Can't wait to see the dresses!!!

  3. You are so creative Meg! I love this. Im keeping it in m wallet till I find the dress! Love you and I am SOOOO excited for your wedding!!

    1. Thank you so much! It's so fun to be brides together! I cannot wait for your wedding either! It's like... really soon :) SO happy for you! Love you!


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