June 19, 2012

happy wedding planning!

Wedding stuff! Wedding stuff! Wedding stuff!

 The wedding planning is coming along slowly but surely. I'm still not stressed, but regardless of how relaxed I am, I'm realizing there are things that have to  get done. My mom and I will be making the wedding invitations... I'm just waiting for the supplies to get here. I priced out how much it would be to just get the invitations made versus making them myself, and making them myself is way cheaper! All the supplies cost $150 for 300 invitations. Amazing right?

The reception will be in my backyard which I'm really excited about. It cuts down on a lot of decorating that would go into decorating, say, the church gym. Plus in September it will be so nice outside. I think we've nailed down what food we will be having, and by food I mean lots of dessert. But that's a secret for now :)

So I'm doing the whole DIY bride thing. My dad is graciously paying for our wedding, so I'm being as polite as I can in doing everything for as cheap as possible. I definitely don't like things looking cheap, but I'm finding out that so many things can be done inexpensively. I'll be making my bridesmaids' bouquets and possibly my own.. that one's risky though. I don't really consider myself a "crafty" person, but I'm trying!

I love chalkboard signs. I was thinking about making them myself, but there's a margin of error in me being crafty. I looked on Etsy for already made mini chalkboard signs, and I found the perfect ones! I just got them in the mail today!

 I love them! They will be perfect for labeling the desserts!
 I ordered them from Beneath The Bark At 825.

I also ordered my wedding shoes and a pearl necklace. Those came from Amazon. I love my shoes. They're the perfect color, and I LOVE that they are not heels. I hate heels. These added up to $32 before shipping. Again, amazing right?

I love wedding planning. I love having Matt by my side through all of it.


  1. Cutest shoes ever and I my mom and I made all the bouquets at my wedding!!! So much fun but, alot of work! Let me know if you need any help or tips!! :0


  2. DIY is totally the way to go! My grandma, mom, sisters, aunts, and I did all the flowers for my wedding and they turned out gorgeous! Plus we saved HUNDREDS of dollars doing it that way :)

  3. I love the shoes!! Happy wedding planning meg! <3


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