June 17, 2012

happy father's day!

Happy Father's Day to the best dad around!

I am so incredibly blessed to have that guy as my dad. He has been my hero and the best example to me throughout my life. I have only seen him make righteous decisions. He has always been my rock and my confidant. He is not only my daddy, but also my best friend. He taught me that family is first, and he continually shows that to me by his devotion to his family. He kept us together when times were hard. I couldn't have made it through the hard times in my life without this guy by my side encouraging me the whole way. He had to stand back and let me make the mistakes I was determined to make, but he was the first to my rescue when I decided to come back to what I knew was true. He never judges me--he only gently guides me to where I should be. I have learned that he is always right no matter how hard I try to prove him wrong. He is the most supportive father. I still cry every time I leave home, and I still call him almost every day when I'm at school. I love this guy so much. I'm so grateful for the man he is.

I love you daddy.

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