April 14, 2012

colorado is for lovers

The best week of my life just came to an end. My amazing boyfriend Matt came to visit me in Colorado this past week. It was perfect. I couldn't imagine a more wonderful week with a more perfect person to spend it with. I fall more and more in love with him every time I am with him, let alone think about him. 


We started the week out by attempting to go to the Rockies home opener on Monday. They were playing the Giants, which is Matt's favorite team. We got up there a good hour and a half early, but that didn't matter--it was NUTS. There were so many people! It took us a good hour to find parking that wasn't $40. So we got to the ticket window, and sure enough, the only seats left were $150+. So we bagged that idea. Instead we went to the 16th Street Mall. Holy heaven. I do love shopping. We spent the majority of our time in Forever 21 and H&M (loooovvveee). I finally got what I have been dying for for months... colored skinny jeans. Ohhh I just love them. Mint, peach, and coral. Beauties. I love shopping with Matt. Somehow I got a guy who only sticks to the man bench in the mall to actually enjoy shopping with me (or at least tolerate it). He is just too good to me :)

We walked around Denver for a bit, and we found the best people Colorado has to offer... the OCCUPY DENVER PEOPLE. All joking aside, this was the worst group of people. Seriously... what the heck are they doing there? And what are they trying to accomplish? Sitting in front of a state capital smoking weed is not going to get you anywhere.


On Tuesday we went to beautiful Garden of the Gods. Matt had always wanted to go there. I have been there countless times, but every time I visit I am just reminded of how beautiful Colorado is.
 Favorite picture ever.

After Garden of the Gods, we went to Manitou Springs. It's such a cute town. 
I love the downtown area and all the little shops. 
 We found a guitar store... Matt was in heaven. I've said this before, but Matt plays the guitar beautifully. I've never enjoyed listening to the guitar as much as I do when I listen to Matt. Turns out he can play the banjo and mandolin as well. I love listening to the banjo! And I especially love just watching Matt play, because he looks super hot, and I love how talented he is.


On Wednesday we had sushi with my mama. It was so good to see her, and it was so good to eat sushi. My mom loves Matt (I believe this is just becoming a "duh" statement now, because everyone loves Matt). Then we met up with my dear friend Allie. I love showing him off to everyone.


This day was the greatest day. We went to a park near my house and just walked around. I absolutely love spending time with just us two. We have always been around friends and family--it's rarely just us two. This isn't bad at all, because I love that we are a hangout-able couple. We realized that we haven't really been on a date by ourselves. It seems weird, because that's usually how couples develop... by dating. We, however, naturally became a couple. We started out as best friends, and it developed into this beautiful relationship. Anyways, we had an amazing date this day. First we went to the Melting Pot. Oh. My. Goodness. It was one of the best meals I've ever had. We were in heaven. We then went to the Broadmoor Hotel. Matt enjoys watching golf, and the Broodmoor has a very famous golf course, so we went to see it. Goodness the Broadmoor area is pretty. We added something to our bucket list: live in the Broadmoor area in the town homes across the street from the hotel. Someday we'll be rich. My best friend Meg got to meet Matt as well. She's the best critic, and I believe she gave me the green light with him :)


I hate goodbyes, especially when I'm saying goodbye to my best friend. Matt is going to school this summer while I am at home. Long distance from Montana to Idaho is much easier than Colorado to Idaho. This week was absolutely perfect. My dad and his wife love him. I've never seen my dad so happy for me to be with someone. He gave his utmost approval of Matt, and that means the world to me. He knows Matt is going to take care of me. This summer needs to go by FAST, because after this separation, we will never be separated again, ever :)

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