March 12, 2012

my lovin' arms are for you

I am in love.

I had another perfect weekend visiting my boyfriend in Montana! 

Matt planned a super sweet surprise dinner for his mom on her birthday. Clint (Matt's brother) and I drove up without her knowing on Friday. She thought she was going on a cute date with just her husband. Little did she know that she was going on a cute date with her sons too. So we met up with Matt and drove to a beautiful hotel called the Grand Union. All three of us were waiting at the table when she walked in. Then came the tears. She was so happy! It was the best dinner.
Later that night we played Hand and Foot. I had never played before; it is SO fun! That was one of the funniest nights I have had in so long. Matt's mother is a saint--I feel bad for her sometimes with all the knowledge her boys expose to her. It is hilarious to watch their family have so much fun together, and I love being a part of it. I laughed myself to tears I swear a dozen times. It was the best.
 So when I'm with Matt, I cannot be separated from him... even from across the table. So we declined to be partners so we could sit next to each other. I'm like a little kid when I'm with him.

Matt's cousin John was my partner. We won by like thousands. :)
 I've never cried so hard when I leave someone. It is so hard to be away from this guy. Not only am I absolutely in love with him, but he is my best friend and has been since before we started dating. It's hard to be separated from your best friend. I'm so lucky that he doubles as the person I'm in love with.
How did I get so lucky you ask? I have no idea. But I will take it :)


  1. You guys are precious and I love that you are so in love! :)

  2. megan. seriously. cutest couple ever. :)


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