March 17, 2012


Okay, so...

Once upon a time, I was a psychology major. I've always known that I want to work with people, specifically children. I have wanted to be a therapist. As I began my college career, I began taking psych classes. I did okay. Okay meaning I scraped by with barely a B. This was discouraging to say the least. For psychology being what I wanted to do with my life, C's and B's just weren't cutting it. I decided that I wanted to minor in sociology, because I wanted to work for LDS social services (still do). So I took my first sociology class. I LOVED IT. I understood everything, and I did really well. Looking more into the sociology department, I realized that there was a separate social work major. PERFECT! This would work best with wanting to work for social services. The next semester I took intro to social work. Again, I loved it. I did even better in my social work class than I did in sociology. I realized that I didn't enjoy figuring out the "black hole" of people's minds which psych is about as much as I did watching their interactions in their social settings and figuring out how they work in those settings. I made a decision: I'm switching my degree to social work! So I did last semester. Every social work class has been amazing. I can finally understand what I'm learning and really apply it to my own daily life. It fits perfectly into what I want to do with my life, and there are so many more job options at the bachelors level that are available.

One must apply to the social work program to fully make it your declared major. That has been my baby this whole semester, making sure I'm doing well in my social work classes and getting to know the professors and keeping a good rapport with them. I've been trying to make it very clear that I want to be in the program and that I will do well. Because I decided so late to be a social work major, my course sequencing is all sorts of off. I basically have taken every class possible required for social work that you don't need to be officially accepted into the program to take (that sentence made no sense.. but you get it, hopefully). I applied for the fall semester. I have been so stressed about not getting in because I have taken all the other classes that if I didn't get accepted for fall, I would have no classes to take! I knew my essays were well written, my GPA is far above the required, and my references were so wonderful in writing great things, but I don't like going into things super confident. There could be people out there that are better! So I went in humble.

This story has gotten way too long. All I really want to say is...


I could not be more relieved, happy, and grateful. I'm so excited to start my core courses. I can finally see a little light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. Meg, you are a rockstar. Good job!!!

  2. So excited for you!!! LOVE YA!!

  3. Congrats!!!! such a huge accomplishment and feels so good knowing that you have a plan!

    1. Thank you so much! I love your blog by the way.


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