February 23, 2012

photo a day

16. So one day I was having a stressful day.. later that night, my boyfriends brother came to my apartment with flowers, skittles, and a homemade card ("thought up by Matt, handmade by Clint," haha!). Since we're long distance, he did the next best thing in having his brother pick me up some of my favorite things :) He's the best.
17. Time to go see my man in Montana!
18. Chocolate milk, mmmm
19. I HATE using the toilet paper when it's on the wrong way. People, the right way is over the top. My roommate knows nothing apparently.
20. Grocery list
21. This was the best day at Sundance with my best friend a couple summers ago :)
22. The only time I like my job is when I get a conservative on the other line and they'll talk politics with me while I give them the survey.

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