February 21, 2012

montana is for lovers

This weekend I got to go to Montana to meet my boyfriend's family. Oh. my. goodness. What an amazing family. They are so loving and so fun. It was so easy to just come in their home and be a part of their family. The little town they live in is exactly the kind of place I've wanted to live in my whole life. It's beautiful! And so homey. We played lots of Nertz (or Pounce as they call it)--Matt took losing to me several times very well :). They have a very musically talented family. Matt and his dad play the guitar and sing together beautifully.  Also, I ate the best food there. I'm grateful that Matt's dad has a crazy love/need for dessert because I greatly benefited from that as well. We had the best desserts after every meal. EVERY meal. I have much working out to do to work off this weekend. Anyways, I just love them all. I feel blessed to know them, and meeting the family made me even crazier about Matt. It was a perfect weekend.

 He makes me the happiest :)

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