January 23, 2012

thoughts on byu-idaho.

I often find myself contemplating social norms up here at BYU-Idaho. 
I try to find humor in these situations. 
Here are some of my thoughts:

What is with guys and high fives?? Please do not high five me. There was no accomplishment to high five about in our little 45 second conversation. If anything, please just shake my hand.

No, I am not going to devotional. Thank you for asking. Now please proceed to call me to repentance like I know you will.

Why are you wearing high heels today? The sidewalks are covered in ice.

To the couple down the hall: we can all see you sucking each others faces off. Please don't do that in public.

Sure, pedestrian, I'll wait an hour for you to rudely cross the road.

Again, pedestrian, I'll slam on my breaks on the ice and hope to not slide into you since you felt like you needed to cross immediately in front of me.

Why are so many things "awkward" to people? NOTHING IS AWKWARD. Not even if you make it awkward, because it just doesn't exist. You're making your life way more stressful by thinking life is one awkward bubble. Relax.

Yes, I fully support your marriage to each other in a week after meeting each other last week.

I really don't want to go to a dance party. It amazes me that you still want to go to them.

"DEVO," "NCMO," "DTR," and "lib" are not a part of my vocabulary. Please do not use acronyms or shortened words around me. I will look at you like you are an idiot. So just be prepared for that.

What is the importance of a DTR (determine the relationship)? For example, someone says, "Did you have a DTR tonight?!?!" Why is that so important? It's not. Just go with the flow. Nothing needs to be determined people.

Pretty soon BYUI is going to be an all girl's school with how many new girl's apartments are being built and how many guy's apartments aren't being built.

I don't believe in stereotypes of housing complexes. People are people, people.

R "mountain?" That's like my backyard.

The fashion of the farmer folks up here is truly a learning experience. As long as he's wearing boots, a guy can wear a yellow flowery scarf apparently.

Why are you walking around in a short sleeve shirt in this freezing weather?

Sure, let's watch a movie.

Oh BYU-Idaho, you get me every time.